Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Thankful to the divine in the concern and commitment shown by the sector of Information Management and ICT that have worked tirelessly to build and update the Official Website of Perlis Education Department, as it is one of the communication channels between the Perlis Education Department with the educators and the public.

In a digital era and globalization, we need to empower themselves with a variety of useful information for the challenges that lie ahead. The use of ICT is a must in equipping and streamline and boost the government's delivery system to be more efficient and effective. In addition, it can also foster a culture of ICT in the education sector in the country.

This portal is an important communication channel to provide services and the dissemination of information to the user as it is everywhere regardless of time limits. In addition, I hope that this portal can provide all the information accurate and up to date to meet the needs of other educators and the public.

With this, I hope that through the use of this service, the Perlis Education Department can together contribute towards the dissemination of information that is required by the educators and the general public in accordance with the progress of our country that is booming. I also welcome any constructive comments and views of all parties in strengthening the management of information and services provided on the portal.


Director of Education Perlis