Perlis Education Department was established in 1916 which is located in Perlis State Government Great Office. Then it was transferred to a new location ie at the Office of the Secretary of Government. At the beginning of its establishment, the Perlis Education Department was administered by En Wan Teh and followed by En Abu Seman b Mohd Sharif (1918), En Pilus B Awang (1923), and finally in 1935 the post was held by En Hashim b Abd Rahman. Then, in 1938, the Perlis Education Department was administered by a nazir, J.W Jefferson. During the reign of Japan, En. Mustaffa has served as a visiting teacher. After the expiration of the second world war, the post was reversed by En Hashim B Abd Rahman.

In 1974, a renewal took place where En Amat B Mion was appointed as Assistant Inspector and later in 1952 the position was held by Tuan Haji Mohd Noor b Ibrahim. At the same time, En Ismail b Idris has been appointed as a Visiting Teacher to assist in increasing work. Then the Assistant Inspector's position was changed to Assistant School Manager where this post was held by En Hashim b Salleh. Subsequently, in 1957, the location of the Perlis Education Department had once again been transformed into a building located on Jalan Kolam opposite the Honorable Residency Dato 'Seri Shahidan b Kassim, the Perlis Chief Minister. After operating for a year in a new location, Mr Saad has been appointed as Assistant School Manager.

In 1959, another reform took place where En Abdullah b Sultan was stationed in Perlis as a Local Student Officer controlled by a Kedah/Perlis Education Authority where he was headed by his respective Chief Education Officer. Meanwhile in 1961, Mr Abdullah b Marzuki was appointed Assistant School Manager and the position of Perlis Education Chief was held by Dato 'Ariffin b Mohd Nam for 7 years beginning in 1961 until 1968. At the same time, the Department of Education also has changed once again on the ground floor of the Kangar Federation Building. After Dato 'Ariffin held the post, the Chief Executive Officer was administered by En Idris b Haji Tain from 01/10/1970 until 01/12/1973, then followed by En abd Razak b Ator on 01/12/1973 and lastly the post It was held by En Md Rashid b Md Nor A.M.P.  Finally, on 01/02/1974, Perlis Education Department has moved to the building located at Jalan Penjara Kangar and consists of 36 officers and staff. At that time the directorship was held by En Marmuji b Kasa A.M.P which began in April 1978 until August (1979), followed by En Abdul Talib b Mohd Zain (who served in November (1979) until February (1983), then the position was held by En Baharom b Othman A.M.P, A.M.N who served in February (1983) and ended in 1984. Subsequently, the position of Director was held by Mr. Jumari b Hassan A.S.D.K. During the independence of the country in 1957, and Perlis Education Department staff was under the administration of the Kedah Education Department. The administrative system was then administered by an English education officer known as Superintendent of Education, Kedah / Perlis headquartered in Alor Star, Kedah. Perlis Education Department was chaired by a professional officer who served as the Assistant Manager of Malay Schools where he d Assisted another professional officer who served as visiting teacher. State-level supervision is only given to government schools in Perlis. The first English school is the English School of Donation administered from Alor Star. While the first English school during independence was the Stella Maris School administered by a Christian missionary as a private school. There are 2 Religious Schools in Perlis, Sekolah Agama Arau and Sekolah Agama Kangar are under the administration of the Perlis Islamic Affairs Department (Zakat and Fitrah).

In 1960, a senior education officer was placed in Perlis which oversees the administration of education for years of schools under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Due to the insistence on education of the venue and other parties that Perlis's education was segregated from Kedah, Perlis Education Department was separated from Kedah Education Department in 1962. Among the significant changes in the years after the establishment of Perlis Education Department was the increase in the number of English Schools Primary is Kangar English School and Putra English School. If mixed with private schools with government assistance, Stella Maris English School, the total will be 3. Meanwhile, the English Primary School will send successful students to the English School of Donate to continue their studies at the Secondary School level. Thus, the Administration at the JPPs also undergoes modifications where the post of assistant managers of Malay schools have been converted to assistant managers of Primary Schools will be answered in matters relating to English, Chinese and Tamil Schools. The Chinese are not left behind in annoying an English medium-sized institute for the Chinese.

In 1961, Perlis Secondary School was established and the school was fully supported by the Perlis government. In 1962, a change has passed where, the opportunity to pursue secondary education by developing a secondary school in Jejawi known as the secondary school. The school is a school in Jejawi known as the Advanced School of Education. This school is a non-academic secondary school where it provides an opportunity to continue to unsuccessful students to continue their studies at the Academic schools at a time when the Advanced School of Education was soon established, as at the end of 1964 it was disbanded while A first academic school of Malay schools established in Perlis is the Malay Secondary School Arau or now known as the Dato 'Sheikh Ahmad Secondary School where at one point the school had been in the classroom at the English School of Derma and eventually turned to Arau in 1963. In 1964, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Simpang Empat was renamed as Syed Saffi Secondary School. Around 1964, the total number of Government Secondary Schools and government assistance was 5, excluding Religious Schools. As a result of the change in the determination system to provide study placement in secondary school nature, an innovation took place in 1965, in terms of the growth of the number of Secondary Schools and the number of students. This system is known as the Anika Lower Secondary School system where 6 Primary Schools with various subjects have been set up in Perlis State, 2 in Kangar and one in each area in Arau, Tambun Tulang, Kayang and Tunjong.

In 1968, the six schools have been placed on their own. At the beginning of the establishment, all the schools have been using the National and English languages in their teaching except for Arau Lower Secondary School and Kangar Junior High School using only the national language and Putra High School using English in learning. In 1977, all the Lower Secondary Schools were converted into Secondary Schools in line with the implementation of the policy of learning the use of Bahasa Melayu as the language of the conveyor. In 1973, Vocational Secondary School and Science Secondary School was established where it was equipped with various facilities such as dormitories and others. The Vocational Secondary School serves to provide basic training opportunities in the field of practical work, while the Secondary Science School provides opportunities for students who are eligible to take courses in the Science department by taking over 2 Secondary Schools at Batu 16, Jalan Padang Besar and Kuala Perlis. Thus, the total number of Perlis State at that time was 16 schools. Now if it is studied shortly after the country achieves the independence of the number of teachers in Secondary Schools in 1957, it has reached 15 people and the number of students by 360 people.

In 1982, the number increased to 1571 teachers and 13,945 students. In terms of administration at the Department of Education, the number of professional officers increased to 40 persons. Meanwhile, auxiliary staff consisting of clerical and labor officers amounted to 748 people. As of today, the Perlis Education Department has administered more than 2300 officers and staff. Total cost increased to RM25 million ringgit where the allocation for 1982 was 32 million ringgit and 31 million ringgit was allocated for 1982 which excludes development costs. The amount of salaries paid by the Perlis Education Department currently is 1.85 million ringgit per month. During independence there were only 2 teachers graduating in the Administration Department's State Administration system, but now the number has increased to 258 teachers.

In 1970, principals for each secondary school consisting of Maktab training teachers were converted to graduate teachers. This year, another effort that has been made in harmonizing the State Department of Education Administration system throughout the country has been implemented from 1 June. With the reorganization of administrative units, the number of professional officers has increased in the State Education Department. Since 1972, high school professors receive promotions based on dismissed grades. This change is known as the development of a more responsible, efficient and quality administration.