KANGAR: The Six Year Year student has won an international award for his creation that solves the global problem of feeding "home only" cats.

Muhammad Danish Shafee Mohd Azdikirana, 12, from SRK Putra, took home a gold medal in the World Creation Creativity Creativity (WICC) Competition held in Seoul, South Korea. "Solar Cat Feeder" won the competition, his creation with his sister, Nur Marissa Maisara, and their friend, Amirul Haziq Mohd Shamsudin, both 11.

"My sister and I are always headache to find the best way to make sure our eight cats get enough food when we are not home," Danish Shafie said. "Thanks to my dad's idea, we've been able to produce food boxes connected to an electric circuit, scanning device and solar panels." In theory, the food box will produce a constant amount of food when the scanning device detects any cat approaching.

"It has to wait five minutes to throw another round of food if the same cat or the other gets close to the box." With his creation, Danish Syafi said the cat owners no longer need to worry about the well-being of their pets or spend money on pet hotels if they had to leave their cats for a few days, adding that he hoped the product would get financing for commercialization.

He and his teacher fly to Seoul for the competition, held from July 20 to 30, after sponsorship of RM10,000 from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). He qualified for the competition after his invention won first place in Perlis Engineering Engineering and Learning Engineering Symposium (PERLIS) 3.0 two months ago. Organized by the University of Creation Society of Korea, WICC serves as a platform to enhance innovation and creativity skills among students around the world. In addition to SRK Putra, Perlis delegates took home two other gold medals through Al Madinah Al Alawiyah Ad Diniah High School (AlMaad) and PERLIS 3.0 module project. UniMAP Representative, Associate Professor Dr Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah said the competition involved more than 400 participants from 20 countries.

Source: New Straits Times, August 1, 2017